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September 21, 2023
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How to Set Up a Black Friday Ads Campaign on Facebook: Beat the Rush, Boost the Revenue

Black Friday: a day that can make or break a retailer’s entire year. With the allure of slashed prices and limited-time offers, consumers are on the prowl, ready to snatch up the best deals. As a business, you may be tempted to throw all your ad spend on Black Friday itself, but that approach comes with a hefty price tag and fierce competition. Instead, let’s pivot and strategize for maximum impact, even on a budget.

The Black Friday Misconception: It’s Not Just One Day

The cardinal mistake? Many brands believe the Black Friday ad game begins on Black Friday. But the reality? That’s the costliest time to enter the advertising arena. To stand shoulder-to-shoulder with big-name brands without draining your budget, the answer lies in early preparation.

The Power of the Hype Campaign

Commence your Black Friday endeavors weeks in advance with a ‘hype campaign’. A few key pointers for this strategy:

  • Ad Variations: Use between 3 to 15 ad variants to test the waters and identify the most engaging content.
  • Tease Your Audience: Showcase sneak peeks of upcoming deals or exclusive offers. This piques interest and builds anticipation.
  • Budget Smartly: Operate this campaign on a tighter budget, focusing on reaching a broader audience without overspending.
  • Target the Familiar: Your first port of call? Engage past customers, followers, and those who’ve interacted with your brand. They’re more likely to convert due to prior association.

Parallelly, use organic posts and email blasts to create a sense of urgency, counting down to the grand sales event.

Crafting the Perfect Black Friday Ad

When it’s time to design your Black Friday ad:

  • Be Proactive: Schedule the ad a minimum of three days prior. This buffer allows for approval on Facebook’s end and offers time to rectify any hiccups.
  • Audience Retargeting: The prime target for your Black Friday ads? The users who engaged with your hype campaign. This audience is pre-warmed and has displayed interest. Pairing this with a giveaway campaign can provide you with a fresh .csv list of potential leads.
  • Duration Matters: Contrary to popular belief, Black Friday shouldn’t be a single-day affair. Stretch the sales over a week, allowing the Facebook algorithm ample time to optimize your ads, even with limited ad spend.

Maximize Your Black Friday Success with Sculpted Media

Crafting a successful Black Friday campaign requires insight, strategy, and impeccable timing. At Sculpted Media, we’ve perfected the art of maximizing returns, even with constrained budgets. Don’t just take our word for it: ask about our case study where we empowered a small business to invest 2K and reap a staggering 64K in revenue on Black Friday. Need a fresh perspective? Contact us for a free audit. Let’s make this Black Friday your most profitable yet!

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